Duke Thomas Fairmore

Duke of Vincask, honorary member of the Order of Shears.


Standing at an unimpressive 5’ 9", the duke is a man whose only remarkable traits are his easy attitude and impressive vigor and health in his later years.

He;s charming and quick witted but an observant onlooker (Perception +10) will note that the Duke puts forth effort in appearing charming and graceful. In the odd moments when he isn’t being observed, one can almost see the farmer heritage that became the ruler of a realm


The Duke’s public history is quite well known, and celebrated within the Duchy of Vincask.

He was born and raised on a Vinyard on the outskirts of Vincask and left home at the age of twelve. At 12 he met the members of the Order of Shears.

When he was 13, the King of Melloran officially declared war with the Dwarves of Shieldmeet, and summoned the Order to his Castle. The Duke tells of his first visit to the capital as having inspired him to fight for the good of all Mankind.

While he was considered a squire to to the Blades in the Order, he was given the respect as a full member due to the renown which the Order carried in those days.

The Order travelled together, gathering the allegiance of the various duchies and the nearby elves and formed the Treaty of Melloran.

Squire Thomas was nicknamed “The Underfoot” as many of the political generals did not take kindly to a 14 year old squire receiving such prestigious attention. Also nicknamed “The overlooked” and “That far mountain boy”, his inclusion on war councils came at the insistence of the Leader of the Order of Shears, who had been given Carte Blanche to do as he pleased.

The freedom that the Order received, as well as the special orders, led them to far away lands to explore any avenues which might either tip the balance of the war into the hands of the Kingdom of Melloran or help ease the undue struggling.

After travelling for nearly a year, the cities of humanity nearest the Shieldmeet mountains laid to ruins, and the Elves of Silverseed having already surrendered, the Order of Shears entered the capital and emerged from the throne room each named a General of the Four Cardinal Directions, with the exception being their leader and, Tom.

Tom left the capital, given a writ of treasury as well as the rite of conscription and disappeared for the next three months. Each of the Blades led their Legion with supreme capability, crushing all resistance and never losing a battle, after a successful Summer campaign, though, the Nobility began to grow jealous of lowborn Knights having such a high station. In time this would prove the undoing of King Archibald III, as his old age claimed his life, and his son, a sickly boy of 4 took power. The Nobility took this opportunity to take power, and eventually declared the Order of Shears as traitors.

The Generals were forced to turn against the people they had been protection. In the dead of Winter, an rag tag band of Wood Elves, outcast Wild runners, orcs, outcast elves, halflings, and the occasional tiefling appeared from the Web, capturing the dukedom of Vincask. The general of this force produced a writ, signed by the late King, declaring him a Duke and the Royal Retainer until the young King Archibald IV came of age.

This “Ghost General”, was young Tom, now aged 16, who led his “Army of ghosts” from the city of Vincask, using the duchy only as a source of supplies for his army and leaving the people in relative peace to rule themselves.

In the North, the Five Generals of God. (The nickname given to the Blade Generals), continued to fight on two fronts, handily defeating the nobles who had Declared them traitors, but (for reasons unknown) giving each other no assistance.

The Winter War was so tumultuous to the human kingdom of Melloran that it is also called the “Crown Wars”, The nobles who were defeated by the Blade Generals inevitably turned on eachother. At the height of winter, the Forest-Ghost God, Tom, led his ragged band to meet with the Blade generals.

One by one they stepped down and were never heard from again. Duke Thomas Fairmont took the Duchy of Vincask as his own, and helped raise young King Archibald. When Archibald was coronated, he gifted Thomas with the title of Lord General of the Five Armies. Thomas politely declined and returned to his home.

There he has ruled wisely and justly, treating every man, woman, and child under his care with respect and dignity.

As for the Blades, who abandoned a war without reason. They have not been seen since.

Duke Thomas Fairmore

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