The Duchy of Vincask

The Duchy of Vincask is considered the wealthiest region in all of the Kingdom of Melloran. It had historically been the seat of House Graem until they lost all of their nobles in the ‘Battle of the Black River’ 2 years before the Winter War. (1490)

In modern days, it is ruled by Duke Thomas Fairmore who rules with a light touch.


Vincask Duchy is divided into 11 regions, the largest of which is the City of Vincask, where the ruling nobility live.

City of Vincask

Vincask the City is divided into 14 Districts

Wateredge- North Shore of the Wineriver, Wateredge is considered to be a great place to get a drink and a fight
Hilltop- Built into the side of a Hill, the actual ‘top’ of hilltop holds the Ambergrail cathedral
Citytop- Northern Side of Town. Citytop holds a fairly large market as well as numerous places for shopping
East Ender- East side, former warehouse district, now it is an artisan and pub district, East Ender is said to be a reflection of the ruler of Vincask, more so than any other district

West Ender – West side is a bitter place with guards ready to beat anyone they deem ‘out of place’. West Ender houses the ‘Auld Nobility’ the members f former ruling families who have kept their wealth but wield little to no power due to the council. They are Petit Lords. Fairmont has been known to call them the ‘Fourwall Kings’ due to the walls of West End, and the typical behavior they display.

Temple Square- Temple Square is said to have once held the Church of Ambergrail before the reigning Graem Lord moved it. Now the Square remains only half renovated. No one knows why the construction has never completed, but rumors circulate that they cannot find any workers willing to build over the old catacombs. It is an open secret that they have discoverd more ruins within the temple excavation that hint there may have been a different temple there before humans arrived.

Slaughteryards- Despite the horrifying name, the Slaughteryards are safe to walk, and a sure great place to find the farmers dealing their cattle and milk and cheese, also the only place where Wineriver Black can be legally bottled and sold. Wineriver Black, also known as Funeral Blackwine, is considered the crown Jewel of Fortified Red wines produced by Vincask. Nearly every home in Vincask is said to always keep a bottle on hand for great fortunes or great misfortunes. An old Vincask tradition states that the Father of the Groom must gift his son’s new bride with a bottle of the finest Wineriver Black he can afford.

Tower Square
The Noose
Blackwater – Southshore of the Wineriver where the deeper water river ships anchor. The waters are said to be abysmally cold, so cold and deep that it is said no mortal being has ever touched the bottom


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